As a therapist it is my job to be useful to you in working through the issues that have you struggling and get you to the place you want.  I work collaboratively with each person to explore and clear away the emotional blockages that can create tension and conflict in your life, negatively affecting you and your relationship with others. I believe each person has an innate ability to get unstuck and heal emotional wounds and it is my role to facilitate that process.

Just as we experience pain, upset and stress on an emotional and relational level, the body holds these negative emotional states as well in our muscles and nervous system. My approach takes your whole person into consideration as we work to release trauma and upset from the body simultaneous to resolving these negative states from your daily experience. 

I draw from a myriad of both traditional and innovative modalities, specializing in trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, abuse, anxiety, couples counseling and performance enhancement. I am also internationally certified in EMDR through EMDRIA and a consultant.


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