We all have unique experiences that impact our lives. These experiences are like pieces of a puzzle. Some pieces fit together effortlessly, integrating to contribute value to the whole. Some pieces may be missing leaving the whole incomplete, while others, though we know they are part of the whole, don’t seem to fit at all.  The pieces that fit together represent the life experiences that we learn from, add value and allow us to experience success.  However, the problematic pieces interfere with how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with the world. These pieces represent trauma, they are obstacles that keep us stuck, overwhelmed, anxious and sad.


Trauma can be any unresolved issue from your life experiences. Unresolved means you are not “over it!” When you think of a past event that is bothersome, you can still feel its impact; eyes well with tears, stomach tightens, you feel anger, fear or sadness. These emotional and physical reactions are telling you that a puzzle piece is not integrated, that an issue is unresolved and active.


EMDR can help to resolve these issues and the meanings they hold for you. EMDR allows that puzzle piece to fall into place and contribute to the whole to create a coherent and complete picture – a complete you!


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