Childhood Bullying

After only two EMDR sessions, this client was surprised to experience how “easy” and quickly he could resolve the feelings of vulnerability of not being able to fight back.


Cheating Spouse

EMDR assisted wife in alleviating the intrusive thoughts about her husband’s affair and resolving the feeling of “being less than…”



After two sessions of EMDR, the client reported no return of a nightmare he has experienced since childhood.


Fear of Flying

Intense fear of flying jeopardized her relationship with a husband who loved to travel.  After EMDR, the client is not only able to travel but is excited about the plans she and her husband have to fulfill her dream of visiting Ireland.


Physical Abuse

With three months of EMDR, this client was able to recall the physical childhood abuse by her mother without feeling the anger she has carried for decades.  The client is now able to have a relationship with her mother because she “chooses to do so.”



A client was anxious and scared about an upcoming surgery on her hand, fearing anesthesia, loss of her hand and everything going wrong.  At the end of just one EMDR session, she was seeing humor in her fears and made it through surgery without incident and minimal anxiety.


Traumatic Childhood

A client had to care for a dying parent while having unresolved feelings of fear and anger as a result of a traumatic childhood that continued into adulthood.  In two sessions the client reported that she was able to be more present and caring toward the parent and was even able to hold the parent’s hand as she passed away.  She was also able to actually mourn her loss without interference of pain, anger and fear.



After EMDR therapy to resolve three traumatic life events, a client was able to make plans to host a holiday dinner for the first time in years without the recurrence of suicidal and clinical depression.  As an additional result of EMDR, her psychiatrist of six years encouraged a decrease in her medications.  She also reports that her fingernails have returned to normal (anxiety had caused dents and ridges).


A client who was highly anxious over an upcoming job interview reported that after one EMDR session, not only was she free of anxiety, but also even got lost in route and still didn’t worry.



A client and coworkers were held up at gunpoint, experienced physical aggression and had their lives threatened.  After six EMDR sessions, the client was able to return to work, finally sleep with the lights off and interact outside of the home with a greatly reduced fear of being in public amongst strangers.


Child’s Suicide

A client reported that after five EMDR sessions he no longer saw the image of his child, positioned on the couch having committed suicide, as horrific.  While he could do nothing but focus on the horror of that memory before, he now reports that happy memories are overtaking that image.  At the fifth session he reported that he had not cried in three weeks.


Crying all of the time

A significantly depressed client cried throughout her first few sessions and reported that she cried in every session with other therapists.  After EMDR resolved past experiences, the client stopped crying and began to express a broader range of emotions.  She also reported that she began to clean her room again, desire a social life and was able to identify accomplishments and talents.



A client had been carrying around shame and guilt for 30 years after witnessing a crime without taking action.  After three EMDR sessions, the client was no longer able to access the memory with great detail and stopped having the flashbacks he had experienced for the past twenty years.  He embraced the fact that he was young and any action he took could have been life threatening to him.


Performance Enhancement

A client had a job interview that entailed presenting herself in front of a panel.  Her EMDR session focused on her ability to present herself clearly, competently and as she wanted to be perceived.  She won the job over two other highly qualified candidates.  And, the client (who is a perfectionist) reports she is now feeling comfortable and confident doing the best she can do without needing to be perfect.



The following client testimonials are printed with support and permission


“I didn’t have the image of harming myself last night and I usually have that thought at bedtime.  I tried to get it, but I just couldn’t access that image…ya it’s good, it’s just that I have never not had that image so…it’s weird. 


“I feel like I’ve gotten so far in my work with you and I wonder why with my previous therapist she couldn’t get me to, like cry or breakdown because I think it’s helpful to get to the issue quicker.”


“I would define my experience with EMDR as life changing.  Other therapists were only able to access my mind and in my case, my memories were stored in my body.  EMDR is the only therapy that I have ever experienced that was able to “unfreeze” the body memory and lessen my trauma…I would highly recommend Tamara for not only her approach, but the way she is available as a therapist and gives her patients coping strategies when they are out in the real world.”


EMDR is effective.  After many years of therapy, it was the only therapy that enabled me to feel and express in the moment.  I was apprehensive about the technique once I realized it could quickly tap into emotions that were fearful to me, but with Tamara’s honest and calming style, I quickly became comfortable with the process and that is saying an enormous amount, as comfort for me is a four-letter word.  I no longer want to harm myself; this is a rather big one for me…I find that I can take more compliments now…less and less experience with anxiety, but mostly very few moments of intense, seemingly undriven anxiety with bouts of depression.  If I could go out on a tour with Tamara speaking about my experiences I’d gladly do it.  That’s how much of a fan I am of both EMDR and Tamara.”


“EMDR has been markedly more effective than any other therapy that I’ve ever done.  Every session felt focused and productive – no time wasted on meandering and unfruitful conversations.  I was surprised and very pleased with how quickly we worked through my issues.  Because of EMDR my past seems to have less effect on my life.  I feel less inhibited by myself.  My self-confidence has improved.  As for Tamara, I found her to be very caring and helpful.  Her approachable manner made me feel comfortable and at ease.  I felt no hesitation in bringing up subjects.  I felt in the past that my therapist either talked too much or too little.  Tamara’s approach was very balanced, her responses were succinct and provided helpful perspectives.”


“Before I started EMDR, I made sure to ask a lot of professionals about it.  Most doctors were actually very supportive of it.   A few trauma I spoke to survivors swore by it.  So I gave it a try and I a glad I did.  It really does make a difference.  I went from having random, full-blown panic attacks with shouting, crying and hyperventilating to now just having mini attacks with occasional anxiety.  I can finally be social again.  And, some days I even feel like my old self.”



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