Are you performing at your best?  

Do you need to pass that test, get through that job interview or hit the home runs you used to be able to hit?  Is something getting in your way from doing the job you know you are capable of doing? With the growing demands of today’s environment, pressure, stress and conflict are increasing becoming issues in all arenas of our life including art, business, school, athletics, sales and relationships. 

You have the drive, you have the knowledge, and you have the skills.  However, we all have blocks, known or unknown that keep us from reaching our greatest potential.  EMDR can help you get rid of these blocks, and break through the   barriers that have kept you from achieving.

In this short-term therapy (typically 1-3 sessions) we focus on the issue facing you at present time to enhance your ability to function at your best, without fear of failure.  Issues  such as passing a test, passing that exam, conducting the presentation  performing in front of an audience, meeting with your boss, making that home run, touchdown, ,successful play,  undergoing a surgical procedure or any thing that stops you from having an “I can do this” confidence.

Do you have more time and want to resolve the underlying cause of your current struggle?  We can explore earlier events where you first experienced this anxiety or fear that are being triggered in current situations to resolve that issue so it no longer impacts present and future performance.



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